Anke was born and raised in Germany’s Rhine Valley. Coming to Canada as a young adult she took on a new set of challenges. During her first years she founded Enderlein Nurseries, tending to over one hundred varieties of roses and other nursery stock.

Since then Anke has travelled extensively with her husband and their two children. In the late 90’s Anke’s desire turned to another earthy pursuit. Instead of soil she turned to clay. It was at the Casa de la Cultura in Oaxaca, Mexico where she had her first taste of the magic of clay and she has been hooked ever since. Anke studied ceramics and art fundamentals at Sir Sandford Fleming College, Haliburton School of the Art’s and trained with some of Canada’s best.

In 2004 she set up her studio gallery in a 19th century heritage building in downtown Collingwood, where she created tile murals, maiolica pottery, functional stoneware and water features. Anke has taught pottery classes to kids and adults alike.

Recently, Anke set up her studio and gallery in her Collingwood home, where she currently creates and sells her work.

In the last two years Anke and her husband, Rick, have spent the majority of their time restoring and revitalizing the award winning Tremont building, a creative space for the arts.

Artist Statement
On several extended trips to Mexico, Anke developed a love for bold colours on earthenware clay. Her passion with colour is evident, reflecting her spirit and joy of life. Energy exudes in both decoration and the form of her pieces. The work is expressive and sometimes flamboyant. During many travels across Europe, Anke has visited countless museums and art galleries. She loves the colours and patterns of Matisse and Klimt, the ceramic and painted works of Miro and Picasso and is inspired by Gaudi.